Estamos deprimidos, saqueados, arruinados.
Estamos perseguidos, atormentados y sometidos.
Estamos hambrientos, pobres y sin esperanzas.
Nos fuimos de nuestro País, vendemos arepas en Londres, cachapas en California, los mejores perros calientes en New York.
Manejamos taxis, UBER y limpiamos casas.
Cubanos apátridas pisotean nuestra tierra, corruptos, China, Rusia roban nuestras riquezas, mientras nuestros niños mueren en las calles.
Solo una cosa el tirano Maduro no sabe.
Somos venezolanos, estamos en Venezuela y en todo el mundo, tenemos ahora nuevas nacionalidades, Gringos, Italianos, Españoles, Ingleses, Australianos pero en nuestros interior somos VENEZOLANOS.
A pesar de los pesare llevamos a Venezuela en nuestros corazones.
Maduro, Cabello y tantos más, tarde o temprano van a sentir la justicia de un pueblo que no olvida, nunca da un paso atrás y los va a tumbar.

Mueller an insult to our intelligence


It had been more than a year since Mueller Russia collusion investigation began, more than twenty-five million USD expend, Mueller team all former Hillary operatives, conviction for Cohen on hush money (no collusion), conviction for Mr. Manafort for tax related issues with not connection to Russia collusion and unrelated to Mr. Trump campaign, many Russian, nobody knows and are not even in the USA, indicted by Mueller, all that based on a fake dossier funded by the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign colluding with Russia to get dirt on Mr. Trump.
Department of Justice (DoJ) run by Mr. Rosenstein who approved the request to FISA courts to secretly tape USA citizens and is the boss of “independent” counsel Mueller.
Mr. Sessions, an early Trump supported, AWOL and unwilling to expose the deep swamp in Washington and using this unique time in history, where we have a President willing to restore the power to the People, to clean up a clearly bias DOJ and CIA who were under all evidences plotted against candidate Trump and now plotting to terminate one of the more successful presidencies in modern times.
There are continuous leaks to bias fake news trying to direct the public against President Trump, it seems like a giant conspiracy by forces that are resisting been exposed for what they are, a big government, taxing Americans, controlling and curtailing our rights to freedom and pursuit of happiness, that allow the world to take advantages of our workers impoverishing all us while they, every day gain, more benefits and enjoy more privileges, that make us all live in a more dangerous world with tyrannies such as Venezuela, Iran, China, Cuba, Nicaragua, Russia spreading their sick ideology without the peace loving strength of USA, a counterweight to evil.
One of the worst consequences of this all is the loss of the Democratic party which is now controlled by open socialists who want to substantively change a highly successful model by a failed one. Socialism, as a model of government, does not exist in our constitution, redistribution of wealth was not what our founding father envision for our nation, social engineering and control of the society by the few in Washington violate our rights, giveaways and funding people to accept the status quo of misery and poverty is not in USA DNA.
We, Americans must fight alongside President Trump to defeat those radical views to change our country to a failed Venezuela.
Next November we have the opportunity and is our last line of defense to succeed in preserving the American way of life which produced the most prosperous country on earth.

Free or not Free


USA is the land of the Free and home of the Brave, so our anthem reads.
I believe we are not that free after all, we are governed by laws made by Politicians who do not represent “We the People” even when we elected them to congress to do just that. The laws are designed to control us, deny us of our rights and subjugate us to lambs walking in the way their interest benefit and forfeiting the moral, values and principles in our Constitution.
I firmly believe President Trump is an American, brought up and highly successful, because he believes in the America of our founding fathers: free, strong and with rock solid values stated in a constitution that simply say that we are Free, and justice is equal for everyone.
Politicians, as in the fable of the frog in gradually heating water cook itself to death as changes are so gradual that the poor frog is not noticing it is been cooked, so Politicians are constantly introducing laws that gradually are transforming our free society in a controlled state the likes of Venezuela, Russia, China, Cuba and every tyranny in the word, but now they say that it is done under “Democracy” and indeed “We the People” as in Venezuela are at fault because we are the one electing those Politicians to represent us.
Above argument is the root explanation of Politicians (Democrats, Liberals, Lefties, Republicans, Rights) hatred towards our President. President Trump is not one of them, the President is one of us.
The President is getting rid of regulations that govern every decision we must make, what health insurance I got to have, what to do with public land that are public not more as they were transform into National Parks were people must pay to go and enjoy our country, is it this free?
There are laws to commercially consume marihuana, soon it will be opioids after all they are just to calm the pain of living in a cruel society and after that it could be any drug.
There are laws that compulsively oblige people to like what they simply do not like, values they do not share and push for tolerance the people dislike. We are not free anymore.
We the People must wake up, next November we must go out and vote for those who wants to preserve our freedom. Miss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Berni Sanders, Maxine Waters, McCain, E. Warren, Murkowski, D. Feinstein are just examples of the many politicians encroached in Washington harming our freedom let us kick them out they do not represent us.

USA a Paper Tiger or a Brave Hart nation


A new controversy sparked by President Trump responding to threats to the USA by a criminal tyrannical regime: Iran.
President Trump reacts very strongly against any country threatening the USA, although I believe a better approach could be, as President Reagan use to do in similar cases, not to react with rhetorical war of words from the USA, but to act and take care of the situation, President Reagan did that budgeting the development of The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), also known as Star War to render useless the missile capabilities of the former Soviet Union, he bombed Muammar Gaddafi and rescue USA students in Grenada which was being occupied by Cubans, at that time President Reagan say this:
“America seeks no new territory, nor do we wish to dominate others. Yet we commit our resources and risk the lives of those in our armed forces to rescue others from bloodshed and turmoil, and to prevent humankind from drowning in a sea of tyranny”
Swamp and Deep state Politicians went, as expected, in a tirade of criticism using all kind of bad characterization of our President, instead of recognizing that tyrants need to be let know, that the USA will first defend ourselves and that those tyrannies menace us at their peril. Second, the USA will not allow a second war scenario where weakness from Europe allowed Nazi Germany/Japan to control almost all free world costing over twenty million dead and the Holocaust of Jews, Gypsies and other minorities.
Although I prefer President Trump to act rather than to speak, I believe it is in the best interest of those tyrannical regimes such as the one in Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Nicaragua to listen to our President and change their ways to a peaceful resolution of those rogue countries, and I strongly ask the American people to support President Trump and show the world that we are united to defend our nation and the moral values that allow people in trannies to regain their freedom and dignity and We the People must vote, next November, out of office those who weaken the USA resolve to stand for destitute people.
Tyrants in Venezuela, Nicaragua, North Korea, Iran are just looking how those corrupt politicians are trying to weaken the resolve of our President and the rest of us, they will continue killing, destroying, starving children to death and trafficking drugs as it is happening right now, with Cuba help, in Venezuela and Nicaragua.
The photo mosaic in this post shows children starving in Venezuela consequences of inaction by the USA handcuffed by corrupt swamp politicians, let us all howl freedom from corrupt politicians and let us bring hope to Venezuela, Nicaragua, North Korea, Iran.

A wise advice to fix USA economy


I would like to remove President Trump from this post as I would like our Lefties-Liberals friends to read it, I must get the best advice I could about this very difficult topic: the USA economy from an non partisan expert.
So, I am going to write this post considering advices given to me over many years and good and bad situations by someone able to successfully manage a micro economy, that compounded to the many, is what makes any country economically successful: my Mother.
Allow me to introduce my Mon’s credentials to give us advice in this area:
• Mon is 88 years old, in good health, living alone from her own resources without any help
• Mon was able to put through college myself and my two siblings
• We were middle class through almost all our life and proudly so now
• In raining days, we have a raining fund
• She was able to balance income-outcome, so we were never in debt or deficit
• She never bought anything she could not afford with what my father provided
• She kept us well fed, clean and disciplined
No, my mother is not an economist my mother is a proud housewife.
Now, I will try to guess her answers to the situation we are in the USA now:
Mon we are over 20 trillion in debt and every minute that debt keeps growing (Debt), what am I doing wrong?
You are spending more than what you can produce, just keep your expenditure below what your income is, and you will be alright.
But, Mon if I do that I will not be able to buy what I like, and I will no longer be middle class,
You are no middle class already, worst, you will not be able to put your kids through college or fend by yourself when you retire, stop buying fancy thing and go back to what I taught you while at home.
Mon, I am working harder and harder but barely can make ends meet, I am feeling like I been taking advantage of as I see more and more swamp politicians, CEOs, lobbyist and criminals showing up a lavish way of living, do we need to change our law-abiding ways and go the way of Venezuela and ignore children and elderly like yourself dying in the streets?
Well, Venezuela is a good example of what could happen in the USA if you continue the road your country is in now, you need to get rid of swamp politicians, false CEOs, lobbyist and corruption and criminals.
Mon, I am not able to fabricate anything all manufacturing moved to China, India, Mexico and elsewhere because they cheap labor, do not have human rights protection nor environmental laws that Liberal-Lefties in the USA are all the time claiming we in the USA must comply with and be in global accords to pay to develop those rogue countries instead of investing in the USA, and on top of that I do not see any benefit in moving manufacturing out of the USA because despite CEOs paying a lot lets for those items the price remain the same here in the USA, ah! That is why CEOs are so rich and do not want a balanced fair trade.
Mon you make me an engineer, but I see now that engineering and science is being done and transfer to India and China, our large Engineering Companies which built the Panama Canal, Empire State, reach the moon and built our rail ways and high ways are not hiring engineers in the USA so it was not attractive to my children to go into engineering as I did because there is not work for them here.
I hope someone in your government could revert this tendency as you are losing your future.
Finally, what did you do when you could not find anything made in Venezuela, well son, now we are totally dependent of very corrupt and inhumane narco thugs governing us that are killing a whole country while your country is following the same path, good luck son.
I am trying to convince my Mon to come to the USA, but I think that she believes that unless people wise up in November and defeat Liberal-Lefties the USA will go the way of Venezuela very soon.

Left-Liberals and Conservatives. Yes, we are different.


There are marked differences between lefty liberals and conservatives in the USA, let us explore the more evident ones:
Lefties-Liberals represent themselves as defenders against every existing bad in the world and the USA. Their solution, everyone must be equally poor, all people must suffer and be deprived of wealth, government will provide borderline necessities, so people will barely subsist, a health system for all in which there will be no doctors or medicines or hospitals. A dry run of this system has been tested for many years in the USA and you can see their results in the inner cities where poor education, high criminality, lack of services, destruction of family values, abortion on demand and at any stage are the normal and you can see swamp Politicians praising that abomination in the most prosperous country on earth, the USA, while of course, they have private insurance, good housing, first class education in our ivy league colleges teaching advance theories designed to transform our country in a liberal-lefty society the likes of the highly successful ones in Venezuela and Cuba.
Lefties-Liberals are so sensitive to bad going on in the world that they were extremely concern with the annihilation of ISIS, but not with the displacement of thousand of refugees when ISIS took their towns and cities and beheaded innocents, rape women, burn and drown civilians, LGTBQ communities and prisoners, they are extremely hurt by the separation of families in our southern border but they could care less for what is happening in Central and South America with corrupt tyrannies in Venezuela, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Bolivia, Honduras, Guatemala not to include all Africa, which is the actual root cause of families separation abandoning those countries in desperation.
Lefties-Liberals do not have any clue how to solve the bad going on in the world they just know that the only way preventing bad occurring is, must be no good nor god, not values, not Christianity, no family no education and progress, so if there is no good then bad does not exist, very clever way of thinking and a proved concept with modern excellent example on display for all to see in Venezuela where lefty-liberal narco thugs are very successfully testing the lefty-liberal dogma.
Lefties-Liberals are all the time blaming the USA of destroying the earth and polluting and depleting its resources while they do no complain the environmental destruction in China, India and Venezuela is again a showcase of lefty-liberal policies destroying our environment. Are those countries in the same planet that the USA?
Now the hard way Conservative approach:
Conservatives do not make noises with loud demonstrations, we do not climb the Statue of Liberty, we do not harass teenagers wearing MAGA hats and families dinning in public restaurants, we help people in need with actions, opening doors to people impacted by hurricanes so they can sleep in new mattresses, Louisiana navy moving their armada to rescue people in danger, doctors and private clinics operating on the needed, separating conjoined twin, sending our sons and daughters to fight foreign wars to defeat ISIS and tyrannies around the world and giving a chance of a better life to millions of oppressed human beings which will feel not need to abandon their countries or being separated from their families, not to take a boat to die in the Mediterranean hoping the EU will receive them or go through desserts, smugglers, coyotes to come to the USA.
Conservatives pay our way through lefty-liberal colleges keeping intact our believes and our proud love for our nation and its values. We are all children of immigrants and we know why our founding fathers wrote a constitution that in its preamble says:
We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”
We believe in our constitution and abide and live by its principles, we believe a human life is created at conception and destroying it for not reason is terrible. Conservatives believe in science and the progress it brings to us all, we care about our planet and its resources and its preservation despite lefty-liberal trying to portrait us otherwise. We believe in using our guns to defend ourselves, mothers defending their children from kidnaping and carjacking and condemn massacres and mis use of weapons by gangs and mentally ill people.
Conservatives, instead of blaming others, had fought hard to eradicate racism, bigotry and exclusion from within, it was Conservatives principles that made President Lincoln to fight to emancipated slaves at a very high price to himself and to our country with a war between brothers. I myself, in my live time, have seen those changes, I am originally from Venezuela, I came to the USA for the first time in the earliest seventies and people was not shy to showing me racism, bigotry and exclusion simply because I was a Latino, brown and I always was singing or laughing and happy in public. Fast forward to 2006 when I came to the USA, now as an immigrant, still some old people show traces of racism or bigotry, but the good news is that the younger generation of Americans really do not even know what racism or bigotry is, they know about that because of the constant reference by Lefties-Liberals that everyone not sharing Left-Liberal ideas are racist, bigots, white nationalists, Nazis etc. We Conservative are not, we are just Americans that want the USA to continue to be a just country for we all in which justice, freedom and the pursue of happiness is within our reach with hard work and respect for each other.

Mr. Trump please Build that Wall


As expected Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) was elected president of Mexico by a landslide, he surely will control the congress and many state governments and will enjoy a high popularity which will allow him to change the constitution to gain dictatorial powers, AMLO will promote and be the direct cause of illegal immigration into the USA, AMLO will encourage drug and human trafficking into the USA, AMLO will soon imposed socialist views of the economy with wealth redistribution, AMLO will bankrupt industry and control food production and distribution, AMLO will re-nationalized the oil industry in Mexico, in an accelerated manner extreme poverty will be the normal way of living in Mexico, waves of desperate families will be at USA southern border, drug kingpins will roam free at plain view of authorities and protected by them showing up their wealth while Mexican will starve to death, basic services will collapse, electricity, potable water, roads, transportation, hospitals and education will all collapse.
All the above will occur while in the USA, swamp politicians will encourage our own citizens to blame President Trump and go on demonstration against everything our President is trying to do to protect us.
The root cause of family separation going on with illegal families entering the USA is not President Trump, is not even our own laws, the real reason and root cause of the problems are corrupt governments all over the world and impacting the USA the most, corrupt, tyrannical governments in central and south America and now in Mexico and the swamp politicians in DC refusing to recognize the true and act properly to help those countries to regain dignity and democracy but handcuffing the USA to do good in an evil world.
I know well the scenario I described above I lived through it in Venezuela, despite the best efforts of Venezuelans trying to regain our country from the thugs led by Mr. Maduro, now Venezuela one of the richest countries in the world is one of the poorest, the oil industry is in shambles, there is not services, education, hospitals, roads, transportation, not even money as it has not value, the minimum monthly salary for Venezuelans is less than a dollar and people and children are dying in the streets. El Cartel de los Soles (High military officers) is controlling now drug production and transportation to the USA and Europe fact known by the DEA, CIA, FBI and the DOJ but they ignore this reality to be politically correct and diplomatic and hide the reality of their ineptitude.
It is evident that my past post about the possibility of AMLO elected president of Mexico was ignored and the Mexican people ignored the lessons Venezuela provided to those who want to avoid a chaotic situation, the people in Mexico and the USA continue believing in swamp corrupt politicians promising everything to everyone with the clear intention of forever dominance and stripping We the People of our freedom, Venezuela had teaching them nothing nor they care what is going to happen to families being devastated by their pursue of evil.

The horrors of swamp politicians and children

The situation of separating families from their children when they enter illegally in the USA is now the battle ground for achieving political gains against President Trump.
Are swamp politicians (both parties) and fake news interested in what is happening to those families and their children?
In Venezuela, due to the tyranny of Mr. Maduro, there is the case of many children being abandoned on the streets of any major city or town because parents can not afford feeding, educating or medicines or medical treatment for them. Parents believe their children have a better chance if they are abandoned to their own fate rather than seeing them starve, get sick and die hopeless in front of them.
In Nicaragua, on the brink of a civil war, were hundreds of young people are being murdered opposing the Cuban backed government of tyrant Ortega, what do you think families options are: sending their children to the USA or allowing them to die as is happening now in Venezuela.
In all Central America and Mexico families must face the same dilemma: do I keep my children with us to be victims of crime, drugs, poverty, famine or do we send our children to the USA? The choice is obvious.
Meanwhile what swamp Politicians and fake news are doing for the situation I just described happening in all South and Central America and which results are what we are seeing in our southern border?
During the Obama administration thousands of unaccompanied children were sent by their families so they could have a better chance of a decent life in the USA, at that time swamp politicians and fake news could not care less of the separation of children from their families and the perilous trip of those unaccompanied children victims of predators and any kind of crime and gang recruiting in their desperation to reach the USA. President Obama, in his greatness will take care of them all, what a hypocrisy. Mr. Obama is busy now making money from every avenue he can put his hand on.
USA immigration laws are obsolete and do not consider the situation the world is in right now, many of our neighbors to the south are in big economic and political turmoil, Africa and the middle east are in ruins, racism, invoked so often by the swamp politicians and fake media, is rampant in once prosperous South Africa and Zimbabwe. When families are facing those dreaded situations where do you think they would like to send their children to? America the land of the free.
Why swamp Politicians and fake media are not pressing the USA congress to enact laws to fix this problem asap?
Let us support President Trump who is pushing for solutions to be enacted by congress and resisting the push of swamp politicians and fake media to radically transform our country to a lawless banana republic, the USA is a law-abiding country not a law ignoring country next November we the citizens of the USA must elect to congress patriots, democrats and republicans, that represent the true values of we the people pursuing happiness, justice and freedom for all.

Ya basta!


Venezuela is crying for help. Maduro and his narco thugs are destroying it at a pace that soon there will be not country left.
Venezuelans, while responsible of bringing to power Mr. Chavez, they also had fought against all odds and all the way to reinstate democracy and held Maduro accountable for the pillage, dead and destruction of a whole nation.
The USA, under President Trump, has imposed sanctions to individuals of the Maduro’s regimen trying to minimize their impact over the population, regrettable is not working because Venezuelans are already under extreme duress, no food, no medicines, no education, no transportation, thousands of people leaving the country, thousand more dyeing every day of starvation and illnesses.
I believe the only solution for Venezuela now is extreme sanctions to the Government the likes of the one being imposed in North Korea and producing results, those sanctions must be accompanied by credible use of force and incarceration for those in high positions in the government. Travel in and out of the country for government elites must be restricted, oil and drug trafficking which is the main source of financing for the assassin regimen must be stopped by restricting all shipping by air, sea or land to get in or out of Venezuela.
Mr. Trump had said, that the USA is respected again in the world, that the military is been rebuilt and is now the most powerful fighting force on earth, so let the USA prove Mr. Trump right by getting rid Venezuela out of those thugs that together with the Cuban regime are destroying Venezuela.
The USA can be sure that Venezuelans rather die of hunger and illnesses under a total blockade aimed a liberating Venezuela and reinstated democracy that dying slowly under a tyranny.
Ya basta.
To you all please help me to spread this message by forwarding it to everyone in your list and everyone in the USA government to see if we can get this message to Mr. Trump himself.

The OAS is voting today to exclude Venezuela from this organization, something the Maduro regime requested in 2017, so USA is actually helping Venezuela achieve its goal of isolating the country with the aim of remaining in power as Cuba did in the past, this is not the way. USA must imposed sanctions until Maduro is put in prison.

PS: I am reposting this again the situation in Venezuela is even worst today that when I first posted it back in June, nothing is done, Politicians talking but not action, how miserable needs Venezuela to become so that finally President Trump swamp politicians allow him to resolve this humanitarian crisis: CHILDREN ARE DYING.